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Vostok Merry-Go-Round is a venue for both photo artists and the audience. While Vostok magazine arranges indirect meetings through books, Merry-GoRound connects those who want to show their photo work with those who want to see them it. Each artist presents their work in a 25-minute slide show, and the audience curates/views the photo works according to their tastes/selections.

Vostok Press is a publishing company dealing with design, modern art, and literature through photos. It was founded in 2016 by editor Jung Byungkyu and six editors. It publishes this bimonthly photo magazine and a variety of art books and plans the event Vostok Merry-Go-Round and other artist events, seminars, lectures, and workshops. The press also works on a variety of publishing projects for institutions and companies.

Date 2019.10.19. Sat. 2019.10.20. Sun.
13:20 - 14:10 Kim Oksun
Choi Yongjoon
Ahn Sungseok
Eun Chun
14:30 - 15:20 EH
Unmake Lab
15:40 - 16:30 Chung Heeseung
Yi Minji
Lee Okto
Jang Mori
16:50 - 17:40 Kwak Kigon
Mok Jungwook
Lee Kanghyuk
18:00 - 18:50 Park Seunghwa
Noh Suntag
Kim Taedong
Kim Chunsoo