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Seoul Photo Festival


  • Title
    Seoul Photo Festival 2019
  • Theme
    Open Your Storage - History, Circulation, Discourse
  • Date
    2019. 10. 1 – 11. 10
  • Venue
    Buk Seoul Museum of Art Exhibition hall 1, 2, Project Gallery 1, 2
  • Participating Artists
    Sung, Doo-Kyung, Lee Kyoung-Mo, Lee Hyoung Rok, Lim In-Sik, Limb Eung-Sik, Han Youngsoo, Seulki Ki, KDK, Kim Moondog, Shinwook Kim, Mugung, Hyungjo Moon, Vak DongKyun, Yehwan Song, Sholim, Sungseok AHN, Part-time Suite, Flaming Feminist Action, @blue1027_, Kim Min, Suzy Soma Park, Park Jisoo, Forum A, Sujong Song, SOHN Yisang, Kay Jun, Choi hyeayeong, yezoi hwang, VOSTOK PRESS, Glamour shots, Photobada
  • Program
    • Welcome to
      Glamour Land

      This is a theme park
      dedicated to photography.

    • Archive Photobada

      Archive Photobada is a project that makes a database of photos in Photobada

    • Tea Time

      proposes a round table to create a link between photography and art with college students and photos coming from across the country