Shortcut to Body


Exhibition 2

  • Theme : Love Yourself
  • Date : 2019.10.1 ~ 2019.11.10
  • Venue : Buk-Seoul Museum of Art Exhibition Hall 1

Love Yourself examines the act and practice of photography today. Moving beyond the essence of the photographic image, the discussion of photography as contemporary art now demands a closer look at the process, reference, and performativity of the medium, as well as its “meta-photographic” aspects such as production, distribution, ownership and etc. In this context, Love Yourself examines current media and platforms influenced by photography, the motive behind their pursuit, and their impact that extends offline as much as online.

Works introduced in this exhibition are based on the integration of image and new media, yet collectively explore the mechanism and effects of photography across online and offline environment in three major aspects. The first is the sociocultural perspective. It is also through these platforms and operative methods that experimentation on image and the effect on senses take place. The last section of the exhibition looks at works which address the very issues regarding the circulation of photographic images.

By addressing the role of platforms, as well as the strategy and performativity that is specific to the photographic image, this exhibition hopes to provide a deeper understanding of photography today, as it continues to expand and integrate beyond its frame to generate new creativity and influence.

Artists : Seulki Ki, KDK, Kim Moondog, Shinwook Kim, Mugung, Hyungjo Moon, Vak DongKyun, Yehwan Song, Sholim, Sungseok AHN, Part-time Suite, Flaming Feminist Action, @blue1027_